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Stable development

Social policy

We provide our employees with decent and safe working conditions, high automation of production, competitive labor market, social guarantees and benefits, recreation, Spa treatment and rehabilitation, opportunities for the development of professional competencies and career growth. We are focused on the formation and development of a team of professionals aimed at achieving a leading position in the industry in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.

Corporate standards of employee care

Social support of employees is the key to the stable operation of the company. We create a competitive system of compensation for the contribution of employees to the development of enterprises of HC "SDS". We achieve a high level of employee satisfaction with non-production aspects of life in the areas of the company's presence.

  • Housing program

    Corporate preferential programs for the purchase of housing are in effect for all the employees of the enterprises in the structure of HC “SDS”. Financial assistance to employees is provided in the form of compensation for rental costs.

  • Social catering system

    The system of social catering includes larger meat portions without increasing the cost, a diet table for employees with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and free provision of milk to the employees of basic industries, regardless of working conditions. A glass of milk to employees every day regardless of working conditions. Increased meat portions without increasing the cost.

  • Health and recreation of employees and their families

    The employees of HC “SDS” have access to the best health-saving technologies. They include the clinical occupational health facility “Energetik” in Kemerovo, 15 health centers at the enterprises, “Tanai” sanatorium and antler baths. The enterprises have a unified system of health protection for the employees of the holding. It includes periodic medical examinations to detect diseases, examination and treatment within the voluntary medical insurance system, rehabilitation and prevention of occupational diseases, annual vaccination, improving the availability and quality of medical care.

  • Support for families with children

    Employees-members of large families are provided a supplement to the salary of up to 50%, and targeted assistance, depending on housing conditions, the number of children and the level of wages. The families who have children with disabilities may receive a 10% supplement to the salary. Also, the above mentioned categories my receive compensation of payment for the fees of preschool educational institutions; HC “SDS” organizes children’s recreation in the company’s facilities, local country health camps, and corporate gifts for children.

    The support of young families includes preferential mortgage subsidies for purchase of housing, provision of places in kindergartens, compensation for services and child care in pre-school educational institutions, organization of children’s vacation time, and corporate gifts for children.

  • Development of the youth movement

    The Youth Council of «SDS» was established in 2014. Its activities are aimed at the development of youth initiatives and raising the prestige of the profession. The key areas addressed by the Council are: production, innovation, volunteering, sports, creativity, and information support.

    The Youth Council takes an active part in the public life of Kuzbass: provides targeted assistance to the older generation and the people who are in a difficult life situation, supports state orphanages, organizes animation programs for sick children, participates in year-round clean-ups in the city and in the territories of enterprises, improves the municipal territories assigned to enterprises, and participates in environmental actions of planting trees.

  • Caring for veterans

    The veteran organization of the company unites 17 thousand pensioners. It is the largest Veteran Council in Kuzbass. The holding provides comprehensive support to veterans in the form of monthly pension supplements and one-time payments for state and professional holidays; we also provide targeted assistance to war veterans and homefront workers in difficult life situations. Pensioners receive vouchers for Spa treatment, coal allowance (for the pensioners living in houses with stove heating), compensation for the payment for heating (for the pensioners living in apartments with Central heating), and social assistance at their homes. The company creates traditions for veterans of enterprises: organizing and hosting joint holidays, anniversaries, and celebrations.

  • The restructuring of the coal industry

    HC «SDS» seeks to retain personnel in crisis enterprises. “Prokopyevskugol” Association: 5 mines and 3 concentrating factories of «Prokopyevskugol» Mine participate in «Program for development of the coal industry» and the «Complex program of stage-by-stage liquidation of unprofitable mines and resettlement of inhabitants from dilapidated and emergency housing». Funds are invested in the closure of unprofitable coal enterprises, retraining of employees, and their employment at other enterprises of HC «SDS»; a comprehensive support program for veterans of enterprises is being implemented.