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Stable development

Investment in the development of the territories

The sustainable development of the territories of presence of HC «SDS» is of mutual interest for the regions and the company. We cooperate with organizations, administrations of regions and municipalities for the implementation of social policy and unified interaction in all areas of presence of associated enterprises of HC «SDS».

The basic environmental principles of the company imply:

  • Compliance with the requirements and norms of the Russian environmental legislation;
  • Implementation of international standards in the field of environmental policy and management;
  • Rational and efficient use of natural resources;
  • Improvement of environmental performance of production processes and reduction of anthropogenic impact on the environment;
  • Regular monitoring of the environmental impact of production activities;
  • Modernization of enterprises through the introduction of the best available technologies to achieve high environmental performance of production;
  • Safe management of production waste, and phased reduction of emissions to the atmosphere;
  • Conservation of biological diversity in the regions of presence;
  • Priority financing of environmental activities.

Environmental cases

  • Natural site «Kostenkovo rocks»

    In 2016, HC «SDS-Ugol» became a partner of the Project of UNDP-GEF / Ministry of natural resources of Russia «Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russia’s energy sector policies and operations», signing an agreement with environmentalists and implementing work on the creation of a natural site «Kostenkovo rocks» in Novokuznetsk district of Kemerovo Region. This natural site of regional importance is located in the narrow canyon of the Chumysh river within the Salair ridge, which is characterized by a variety of rare species of flora and fauna. The area of the reserve is 83 hectares. Now, the petrophytic vegetation of the rocks and a large area of taiga with rare species of plants listed in the red book of Kemerovo Region are protected there.

  • Release of young peled by OOO «Listvyazhnaya» Mine»

    OOO «Listvyazhnaya» Mine» (JSC HC «SDS-Ugol») has been actively involved in the compensation measures on artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources of Kuzbass. The work of the enterprise’s ecologists aimed at artificial reproduction of the population of peled is carried out annually. The young fishes are released in the Novosibirsk reservoir, as it is there that all conditions for its rearing and adaptation to the habitat are created. Due to the favorable environment, peled survive and adapt well, then migrating to Kuzbass rivers. In 2018, OOO «Listvyazhnaya Mine» released 7 thousand baby peled.

  • Protection of water resources from pollution by untreated effluents of the coal industry

    Environmental responsibility is a fundamental principle of the organization of the work of JSC HC «SDS-Ugol». The company pays special attention to the protection of water bodies and reducing the discharge of pollutants into rivers, lakes and other water bodies. For the treatment of quarry water at coal enterprises, treatment facilities have been built and are operating.

    In 2017, a comprehensive five-year program for the construction and modernization of treatment facilities using the best available technologies was developed and approved. To minimize the negative impact on water bodies, the reconstruction of treatment facilities of JSC «Chernigovers» and OOO «Listvyazhnaya Mine» was begun.

  • The creation of Russia’s first experimental polygon for the conservation of topsoil

    On the territory of the license area «Perspectivny» (OOO «Mayskoye» colliery group, JSC HC «SDS-Ugol»), located in Prokopyevsk district of Kemerovo Region, the employees of the coal mining holding together with representatives of Kuzbass Botanical garden began to create an experimental landfill for the transfer of the upper fertile soil layer with a total area of 2.25 hectares.

    The experimental method is a fundamentally new approach to solving the problem of land reclamation in the areas of coal mining and is of great ecological importance for the region. Until now, the mining industry has had a state standard, which obliges the subsoil user to remove and store the fertile soil layer in the piles for a decade. As a result of such long-term storage, the soil loses all its useful properties. When using the new technology, the top layer of soil is removed and immediately transferred to the disturbed area. In this case, viable seeds, roots and rhizomes of plants, soil invertebrates and microbial complexes remain in the soil layer. Research will be conducted for four years to assess the success of the restoration of soil functions and ecosystem, and then the researchers plan to develop a technological scheme for the production process based on its results.

  • Environmental campaign «One employee – one tree» of HC «SDS-Ugol»

    In 2018, the employees of the company «SDS-Ugol» conducted a large-scale environmental campaign to plant 9,000 trees and shrubs: «One employee – one tree». Since 2008, within the framework of the all-Kuzbass environmental campaign, the employees of HC «SDS-Ugol» have planted more than 10 thousand seedlings in the areas of land reclamation of the company’s enterprises, in the cities of Berezovsky, Kiselevsk, Prokopyevsk and Belovo, in Novokuznetsk and Belovsky districts.

  • Replenishment of biological water resources of KAO «AZOT»

    Since 2013, KAO «AZOT» has been buying baby fishes of valuable species inhabiting the Siberian rivers and releasing them into the river Tom and its tributaries – Taidon, Lower and Upper Ters, and Mrassu. Every year 60 000 young taimen and graylings are released to support the biological diversity of water resources in Kuzbass. In 2017, in the year of ecology, 200 000 baby fishes were released, and in 2018 the record number of baby fishes was released: 500 000. Since 2013, about 1 000 000 baby fished have been purchased by KAO «AZOT» to replenish the biological diversity of Kuzbass reservoirs.

  • Biological treatment of KAO «AZOT» wastewater using UV disinfection facility

    KAO «AZOT» attaches great importance to the treatment of industrial wastewater and the introduction of effective and environmentally friendly methods of industrial pollution. The company carries out strict quality control of industrial emissions and wastewater treatment. In 2014, the plant built the first UV disinfection facility in Siberia. Over 3.5 years, about 300 000 000 cubic meters of wastewater was treated. Only 25% of the total volume of waste water passed through the UV facility belong to KAO «AZOT», and the remaining 75% is the wastewater «Kemvod» JSC.

  • Reduction of the environmental burden of waste and emissions from KAO «AZOT»

    Modern production facilities and units that meet the highest environmental requirements are put into operation at the plant. In 2017, the technical re-equipment of the sulfuric acid shop was completed with the transfer to a short circuit. As a result, the volume of air emissions decreased by 35.7 tons per year, the volume of waste generation decreased by 311 tons per year.

  • Hi-tech plant for the production of hydrogen at KAO «AZOT»

    In 2017, the company’s shareholders invested about 1 billion rubles in compact and highly environmentally friendly hydrogen production. Its launch allowed the plant to decommission the obsolete equipment of a huge workshop that has served for a period of more than 50 years. Instead of 22 buildings located on the area of nearly 50 000 square meters only 2 buildings with a total area of 8 000 square meters are operated now. Due to the newest equipment, the production of hydrogen using the short-cycle adsorption methodat KAO «AZOT» now corresponds to modern international standards.