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Stable development

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a part of strategic planning and corporate management of JSC HC «SDS».

Priority areas of sustainable development and CSR practices

  • Operational efficiency

    We steadily react to external influences, confidently look to the future and strive to meet the future demands of the market. We successfully implement the strategy of comprehensive improvement of the operational efficiency of associated companies, flexibly adapting to the changing business environment.

  • Quality assurance policy

    The policy of the enterprises of the HC «SDS» in the field of quality assurance aims to continuously improve the quality management of products and services and to provide uninterrupted supplies of high-quality products to consumers by integrating international standards in the field of quality control in all business processes.

  • Ecology and environment

    In our activity we strive for the balance of socio-economic and natural and ecological well-being. Understanding the responsibility to society for the rational use of natural resources and environmental safety of production, we adhere not only to the requirements of the Russian legislation, but also to international standards.

  • Industrial safety and health

    We use an integrated approach to the creation of safe production conditions and the preservation of our employees’ lives and health. The CEOs and employees of HC «SDS» are fully aware of the high responsibility associated with technologically complex production and operation of hazardous production facilities.

  • Corporate social policy

    We create a favorable and predictable social and economic environment for employment, residence, growth of welfare and social protection of the employees of our enterprises and the population of the regions of presence.

  • Social responsibility in relation to society

    HC «SDS» is a conscientious market participant and a responsible member of the civil society. We conduct a broad social policy in the field of social partnership, charity and sponsorship.