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Strategic objectives

  • Increasing the operational efficiency in all production chains of the company, modernizing the existing production facilities, and updating the processes and technologies to improve the efficiency of production facilities.
  • Developing priority assets and implementing growth projects in order to diversify the investment portfolio, ensure the effective use of the resource base, increase production volumes, and improve the structure of products.
  • Establishing strategic alliances and restructuring the existing business portfolio in order to develop new promising areas of business.
  • Strengthening the competitive positions and profitability, and developing the sales markets to achieve the leading positions in the local, Russian and world markets.

Strategic priorities

  • Sustainable development

The strategy of diversification of the business of JSC HC “SDS” as an economic entity in Kuzbass and other regions of Russia: building industry systems, production clusters the development of certain promising industrial enterprises are aimed at reducing risks and improving the profitability of the business, as well as increasing the competitive advantages of the company’s presence areas and their sustainable socio-economic development.

  • Integration and synergy

A new approach to managing the economic development of the industrial sector of the holding acquires a cross-sectoral character. Even in traditional industries, we are achieving synergies in various activities. Using the project management principle, we create inter-sectoral cooperation of enterprises, turning them into effective technological production, and build development corridors between the territories in order to strengthen their economic potential.

  • Balance of systems

We use the resource potential of the territories wisely and strive to develop the social, environmental and economic systems in a balanced and harmonious way. We focus on promising industries and create competitive products. We steadily improve the quality of life of all our employees and develop the territory of the company’s presence.

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